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My name is Ivan Egorov. I am a US Army Veteran, passionate marathoner, North NJ resident, and the founder of FixBox Repair.

Why did I start my company?

The answer is - I have a genuine love for fixing and repairing electronics. My passion has lasted for more than 20 years and has become stronger over time. So why do I love what I do so much? 

There are many reasons for that:

I love helping people to fix their problems  Nowadays, people are relying on their gadgets a lot. Computer or phone problems can be traumatic for people, and they often fear they've lost their most valuable data. I do my best to help our customers fix their electronic devices or save their critical business files or sentimental family pictures in the fastest and most efficient way.

Helping people find computers that match their needs 

All my customers have their unique personal needs for electronic devices. Having a massive experience in repairing computers and phones, I always hold a variety of custom-made or refurbished machines that may match the different lifestyles of my clients. For example, one of my customers bought at the same day a lightweight laptop for use in his local business trips and a custom-made gaming computer that I built for his leisure time. I am happy to meet my clients' requests to repair, upgrade or build their computers.

Giving back to my community

After quitting the position of COO in LaptopMD in 2009, I became a co-founder of the JerseyLaptopRepair company, and since then, I have been proudly serving our community. I am happy to meet my customers literally in every store, clinic, school, or business center in our area and happy to have their loyalty and trust over the years.

Never-stop education and professional development

With the pace of technological progress, it is always impossible to stop acquiring new skills, especially for a computer repair store owner. Over the years, I added to my toolbox data recovery services, Gaming console, Quadrocopter repairs, and many more. The needs of my customers, natural curiosity, and engineering mindset are helping me with my professional advancements.

Here you can find my LinkedIn profile for more details.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/i-egorov/ Some days, you can also find my adorable Barking Assistant Misha in the store. Misha is a tiny Maltipoo, and to compensate for her petite size, she has a colossal persona and wants to be a part of every business event. So, please, have in mind - when Misha is barking, she is actually greeting you warmly and trying to tell you the same story you just read on this page. Woof-woof!

Behind the scene

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